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OPIEN - Atlanta

OPIEN finds its structural basis in the producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Niko Stoessl based in Berlin. Formed in 1999 OPIEN developed into a modern enigma and finds itself amongst the last quarter century of increasingly innovative music, always open to expand and to create new points of contact. Reaching further into the sensory, OPIEN is a project of various musical and visual artists sharing the vision to collectively create and inspire. Navigated by the right hands, OPIEN can easily lend itself to a strong standard of live performance, record quality and visual aspects. OPIEN has no boundries, does not want to create genres or fit into them. OPIEN is constant evolution.OPIEN's upcoming album “Atlanta” is a collaboration of Niko Stoessl and Christian Eigner which brilliantly reminisces the past 1980's era while also entertaining the notion of future decades to come. These different dynamics correspond in mood as well as articulation to build a soundscape that appeals to a wide range of audience. On “Atlanta” Stoessl and Eigner pay tribute to artists they are influenced by and incorporate their own unique style of sound to create a pure and distinct vibe without incorporating digital components or pre-recorded tracks. Eigner's driving drum beats paired with cascading synth and guitar arrangements build the perfect backdrop for Stoessl's smooth, unique vocals and carry the listener away to a universe where the idols of the past and the heroes of the future collide in perfect harmony.

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